DP 405 WD
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Perlini Dump Truck

DP 405 WD

With its 40 ton payload, that makes it suitable for big enterprises and small subcontractors alike, the DP 405 is one of the most successful Perlini trucks.
Versatile and dependable, it is designed for massive earth-moving operations, dam construction, work in mines or quarries, cement or metallurgic plants, and it is a good choice for work environments where manoeuvrability is a valuable asset.

Model: MTU Detroit Diesel S.60
Type: 4 cycle water cooled
Air system: Turbocharged with intercooler
N° of cylinders: 6
Bore x stroke: 130 x 168 mm
Displacement: 14.00 liters
Gross power SAE J1995: 410 kW (550 HP) at 2100 rpm
Max torque: 2373 Nm at 1350 rpm
Air filter: Dry type, heavy duty, with double elements, precleaner and dust indicator
Control: Electronic with DDEC V system, real time diagnostic capability
Engine emissions meet 97/68 EC stage III regulations
Full automatic, planetary gear, multidisc clutches hydraulically activated and with electronic control.
Model: Allison H 5620A
Torque converter: 3 elements TC 682
Lock-up clutch: Automatically inserted; effective in all forward ranges
Mounting: Remote type
Shift control: Automatic - Electronic shift control
Retarder (optional): Coupling type rotor between 2 fixed stators
Gears: 6 speeds forward and two reverse.
Gear 1 2 3 4 5 6 R R2
Ratio 4,00 2,68 2,01 1,35 1,00 0,67 5,12 3,46
Gear 1 2 3 4 5 6 R R2
Speed 10,5 15,7 21,0 32,8 44,3 66,2 8,6 12,8
Front: Original Perlini, fork type, oil pneumatic, independent with built-in shock absorber.
Stroke: 245 mm
Rear: Original Perlini, oil pneumatic, built-in shock absorber.
Stroke: 250 mm
Perlini heavy duty with single central reduction and built-in differential, full floating axle shafts and four-planetaries epicyclic train at the wheels.
Central reduction: 3,06:1
Epicyclic reduction: 5,25:1
Total reduction: 16,06:1
Independent hydraulic system with twin double-acting cylinders and separate hydraulic circuit. An automatically activated electric pump inserted into the hydraulic circuit allows steering in case of power source failure.
Main pump discharge: 200 lt/min.
Maximum pressure of the circuit: 130 bar
Turing diameter: 17,8 m
Singly mounted at front and dually at rear, with interchangeable rims.
Standard E4 radial tire size: 18.00 x 33"
Standard rim size: 13.00 x 33"
Self-adjusting disc type, air over oil actuated with independent circuit.
Disc size: 675 x 48 mm
Sealed multiple disc oil wet brakes, cooled by forced oil circulation.
Brake surface: 55.315 cm²
Parking: Disc type, spring applied, pneumatic release, actuates on drive shift.
Disc diameter: 438 mm
Emergency: Due to the 2 separate circuits, braking is assured even in case of of failure of one circuit.
Rear brakes retarder: Air-over-oil, controlled by a lever inside the cab positioned on the steering column.
Standing braking power: 600 kW (804 HP)
Engine brake: The engine brake converts a power producing diesel engine into a power absorbing air compressor.
The function is by electric control.
Braking power: 283 kW (380 HP) at 2100 rpm.
ABS: Anti-blocking system of wheels while braking. It assures truck control while braking, even on low grip surfaces.
ASR: Traction control. Automatically activating in case of skidding of the driving wheels, it grants the truck stability even on upward slopes with low grip sections.
Service brakes (front and rear):
Self-adjusting disc type, air over oil actuated with two independent circuits.
Disc size: 675 x 48 mm
Hydraulic retarder: Hydraulic coupling type rotor between fixed stators.
Electrically controlled by the driver in the cab. It acts automatically in case of engine overspeed.
Braking power: 447 kW (600 HP) at 2100 rpm.
Box sectioned longitudinal members made of high yield strength steel plate, connected to each other by means of tubular cross members with special torsion-proof joints.
Two doors design, with control arrangement and driver's space conforming with EEC standards.
It rests flexibly on the frame by means of special rubber elements. Heat insulated and sound proofed, the cab is equipped with a comfortable weight-adjusting operator's seat, adjustable according to the driver's height/weight, an adjustable steering wheel and a complete, easily readable dash panel. Automatic air-conditioning system.
Rear dumping by means of twin hoist cylinder, 2 stages, telescopic double acting, mounted outside the frame.
Hydraulic pump discharge: 270 liters/min.
Max pressure: About 150 bar
Insertion: Only during the unloading phase
Dumping time: about 12 sec.
Structure: Ribwork with dual slope bottom plate
Material: Special steel with high tensile strength (1250 N/mm²)
Brinell hardness: 400 HB
Body canopy: ROPS/FOPS ISO 3471 and ISO 3449

Floor: 20 mm
Front: 12 mm
Side: 10 mm

Body capacity
Struck: 19,5 m³
Heaped SAE2:1: 26 m³
Empty (standard body) 30.400 kg
Payload 40.000 kg
Gross vehicle weight 70.400 kg
Weight allocation loaded empty
Front 33% 48%
Rear 67% 52%
Tension: 24 V
Batteries: 2 batteries - 12 V, 180 Ah each
Alternator: 24 V - 75 A
Engine oil 40
Allison transmission oil 58
Drive axle oil 110
Dumping system and wet brakes oil 250
Steering system oil 32
Suspensions oil (total) 44
Cooling system oil 115
Fuel tank 500
  • Electric starting engine
  • Electronic powershift transmission
  • Interchangeable front disc brakes
  • Multiple disk oil wet brakes, also functioning as a retarder
  • Jacobs engine brake
  • Parking disc brake
  • Manoeuvre brake system
  • Automatic central lubricating system
  • Power steering system with emergency pump
  • Dry air filters with clogging indicators
  • Headlights with dimmer switch
  • Directional signals and stop and tail lights
  • Back up light and alarm
  • Type-tested windshield with washer and wiper
  • Body heating by means of exhaust smokes
  • Rock ejectors and towing hook
  • Locking system for lifted body
  • Insulated and sound proofed cab
  • Cushioned and adjustable operator's seat
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Tires Radial E4
  • Air dryer on pneumatic system
  • Ashtray
  • Monitor in cab for rear view
  • Alternator - 75 A
  • Right and left rear view mirrors
  • Automatic air conditioning system
  • Traction control system ABS / ASR
  • Heavy duty body
  • Engine pre-heating system
  • Xenon lights
  • Interchangeable rear disc brakes
  • Hydraulic retarder
  • Fuel filter with water separator
  • Engine pre-lubrification system (Prelub system)
  • Engine oil quick discharge system (QuickEvac)
  • Viscous air-sensing fan drive
  • Emergency stopping system with external button
  • Speed reduction on overloading
  • Additional lights
  • Front and side body canopy protection
  • Mechanic tailgate
  • On-board weighting system
  • Rear view mirrors, heated
  • Platform for cab access, left side
  • Rapid fuel filling system
  • AM/FM radio with cd and mp3 player
Vehicle conforming to ECC security compliance directives - 2006/42 ECC.
All dimensions are approximate. Specifications, weight, dimensions and tolerance can be changed at any time without previous notice.
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